Quality of Life.

Since the home is the place that we spend most of our time that should be the place that we take care of and maintain the most. A home is one of the largest investments most people will ever make throughout their lives and like stocks or bonds we should always be certain that it is appreciating in value. JB Builders could help you realize your goal of property value in a manner that you will enjoy along the way.

The process of building a new home or building is the most difficult one since everything is new, the whole style is new and the most money is invested into these projects so you want to make sure that it comes out exactly the way you want and plan it. The process of the New Construction is the most intricate one but we break it down to make it very simple for you and we do this by sketching out every part of the process, from the exterior to the interior and to the landscaping. For a successful project to take place there are many steps involved that need to be followed, these are the basics:
a. Site survey and soils report
b. Desired size and style
c. Design of the structure-interior and exterior
d. Engineering of the structure
e. Submitting to planning department
f. Break ground

JB Builders has a lot of experience in the field of construction and especially in the field of room additions. Additions to a home tend to add a lot of value if they are done right and if they are not done right it could reduce the value of your home and you could get stuck in an addition project for years. JB Builders strives to work fast and diligently in order to execute the best project possible and this is done by following approved plans:
a) City planning
b) City engineering
c) Licensed structural and mechanical engineer
d) Licensed architect

The implementation of the right professional at the right times and places is a crucial ingredient to the success of the addition and this is especially true if the desired completion time is a quick one. JB Builders is an expert in all four of the fields including our own in-house structural engineer and architect, the benefits of this is tremendous since that we don’t have any wait time for an architect or engineer and that enables us to start at once and make all of the necessary changes immediately.