JB Builders minimizes all of your purchasing needs to one spot. We provide a wide variety of specialty services which take you throughout the entire duration of the project. In addition to providing all of the services and labor we also provide all the finishing materials that might be needed.

There are three main reasons for your property value going up:
1. General economy
You could wait for the market to shift, but this is mainly caused by the federal government modifying the interest rates.
2. Comparable sale
You could wait for a similar property to sell and use that as the increase in your basis.
3. Property Improvement
Most effective choice is renovating or adding square footage to your property, which JB Builders specializes in. This is the most effective way to add value because you could really control the value added to your project whether it be with additions, bathrooms, or kitchens. A benefit of remodeling besides from adding value is adding comfort to your life or increase revenues due to improvements

The first step and most procrastinated one is the initiation call, feel free to call us any time, there are no obligations and even after your free consultation there still are no obligations. Once the process is broken it can be tackle fairly easy.
1. Free Estimate & Consultation
Free Estimate & Consultation. The estimate and consultation is open to any time schedule that meets your needs conveniently, there is no charge for the initial meeting. This is a 100% commitment free service, which means that even after we come out and go over the specifications of the job you are still not obligated to use JB Builders.
2. Design & Budgeting
Design & Budgeting. These two steps are crucial in the construction process. First we want to come up with some design and then try to embed it into your budget which JB Builders could modify in a lot of different ways. Meeting your budget can be done in many different ways that are not even visible to the eye in order to get you where you want to be budget wise while maintaining the quality and craftsmanship. Another reason that this step is so important is so that we could price out the job.
3. Construction
Construction. The reason JB Builders is able to move so quickly with its projects is based on three aspects:
A. Project Management
The Project management gives updated reports so that we could see if we are on schedule and have all of the necessary parts and equipment for the next phase.
B. Commitment
Commitment: We are on each project every day in order to keep the wheels moving, JB Builders knows that one step could halt the next 7 steps so we are always making progress checkups. The other company may be there one week and is off for 2 weeks and repeated over and over again, JB Builders does not break its commitments.
C. Experience
Experience: the experience allows us to know what is need in order to keep the job moving along in a steady pace, with all this experience we are able to complete projects in record timing.
4. Satisfaction Guarantee
Satisfaction Guarantee. The project is not completed until you are satisfied and content with all the aspects of the renovation. JB Builders goes above and beyond with the quality and this is to first of all maintain the superior name of JB Builders and second to satisfy you above your expectations. There is no such thing as a project without minor set backs but we deal with them with no discouragements of any kind and this enables us to work efficiently to get us back on track