Our team of architects and designers are some of the best around offering
the most innovative design solutions from residential renovation and all
the way to new construction in the residential or commercial field.
The engineers that work with JB Builders are always looking at effective
and long lasting solutions that will benefit both the contractor and mainly
the project owner. Cost sensitivity and cutting edge appearance are the
main points of concern.
Our team of construction managers is all trained with years of experience
ranging from renovations to bottom up construction. Our team consists of
professionals with only the highest qualities.
Through years of operating in the construction field and building
relationships with individuals and city officials we have learned the
navigation process within the city to the minutest detail. It is our
experience which enables us to expedite our projects so diligently. In
most cases we reduce the process time dramatically both on the building
construction and in the city permit process time.

Construction. The reason JB Builders is able to move so quickly with its
projects is based on three aspects:
A. Project Management
The Project management gives updated reports so that we could
see if we are on schedule and have all of the necessary parts and
equipment for the next phase.
B. Commitment
Commitment: We are on each project every day in order to keep
the wheels moving, JB Builders knows that one step could halt
the next 7 steps so we are always making progress checkups. The
other company may be there one week and is off for 2 weeks
and repeated over and over again, JB Builders does not break its
C. Experience
Experience: the experience allows us to know what is need in
order to keep the job moving along in a steady pace, with all this
experience we are able to complete projects in record timing.
4. Satisfaction Guarantee
Satisfaction Guarantee. The project is not completed until you are satisfied
and content with all the aspects of the renovation. JB Builders goes above
and beyond with the quality and this is to first of all maintain the superior
name of JB Builders and second to satisfy you above your expectations.
There is no such thing as a project without minor set backs but we deal
with them with no discouragements of any kind and this enables us to
work efficiently to get us back on track